This page explains some of the policies that we stirictly follow to operate this site smoothly for everyone. We may add or remove some of the polices as we move along. We urge you to go through this page once in a while to keep yourself up to date.


Your privacy is extremely important to us and we want to be absolutely transpent to you on this regard.

Data Collection: We do not collect any information from this site. However, we collect various website related data that are available in online or on a public domain. We also use third party tools like Google Analytics, Google AdSense & others on this site to gather information to measure traffic sources, location, bounce rate etc. These tools may collect some information in-order to provide us insight data and it is not harmful in anyway or form.

Email Address: Site signup process, commenting on our blog posts requires user's email address which is a very standard procedure to verify someone's identity. Rest assure that these information remains on our server and we do not collect them with any intent to sell or to gain any monetary benefit.

Gravatar: We use "Gravatar" services to display user's avatar/profile picture. We do not host them on our server.

RSS Feed: You are welcome and highly encouraged to subscribe to our RSS Feed using any standard RSS Feed Reader. We are not using any email subscription services intentionally just to avoid unnecessary emails or spams.

Disclosure of Information: We generally do not disclouse any personally identifying information to anyone. However, we may disclouse any number of information required / ordered by courts or any other law enforcement agencies within the United States.

Site Submission

Before you submit your site on our directory please read the following policies as they are strictly followed.

Search: Search your site name using the search box located at the top of this site to make sure that your site has not been listed already.

Domain: Your domain name (i.e. example.com) must be at least two years old and must not contain any explicit name or number.

Blog: Site must contain a "Blog" section and at least 50 post must be there to be recognized as a "Blog" section. Only non-profit "Organizations" are expempted from this requirement.

Language: Please note that we currently accpet only English language based sites or blogs on our directory. We politely urge you not to submit Non-English language based site until we notify the availablity of such feature through our blog section.

Topics: Before you submit your site, please pick your site's topic as close as possible to the topics already listed on this site. If your desired topic is not available, please choose "General". We reserve the right to change your site's topic to a differnet one from your original submission if we think it to be appropriate. On this site, we do not accept Pornography, Tobacco and Gambling related sites. Site or contents related to illegal activity recognized by the United States Federal Government or any local law enforcement agency will be removed. Please note that a human will be visiting your site before approval.

Content: We encourage only the original content owner to submit their site.

Approval: This site allows users to submit their web and blog site related information. However, we do not gurantee that your submission will be approved without prior inspection. We reserve the right to "Reject" or "Delete" your submission without any notification or explanation. We may edit portion of your submission to maintain standards of the data.

Verification: Once your site has been listed, we will notify you with a verification code that needs to be added on your site as a proof of your ownership. Implementing verification meta tag allows us to recognize you as the legitimate owner of the site and your site will receive a badge as "verfied" on our site. Only verified sites enjoys direct link back from our site.

Terms of Use

Signing Up: By signing up to this site(blogsroll.com), you automatically agree to abide by all the policies mentioned on this page.

Signing Out: For security reason, this system will automatically sign you out after one hour of inactivity. Please save your data prior just in case if the system logs you out automatically. We may not be held responsible for loss of data in such instances.

Commenting: We highly encourage you to comment on our blog posts and to engage with us. Your opinion is important to us. We honestly appreciate and respect your time, comments, opinion, thoughts and criticism on any issue. However, we follow "zero tolerance" policy in terms of making hateful, racial, swearing comments. Whether you are commenting on our post or responding to someone else's comment, please be courteous. Treat others and their views with respect and kindness. Violating this policy, creating tensed situation on this site, threatning others with an intent to harm may cause you getting banned from our system (temporarily/permanently). We may even report/seek law enforcement agencies help if we think it to be necessary.

Spamming: Spamming on our comment section with irrelevant links, images, contents are being highly discouraged. Do not self promote your own website link unless it is relevant to the subject matter that is being discussed.

Chang of Policy: We reserve the right to change any policy mentioned on this page at any given time without any prior notification. So, feel free to visit this page every now and then.

Last Updated: April 10, 2019.