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Culture Trip

Culture Trip is a global startup operating in travel, media & entertainment. It aims to inspire people to plan their trips, go beyond their cultural boundaries and connect with the world around them to bring everyone closer together.

On Montauk

On Montauk's mission is to give visitors and locals all the information they need to enjoy Montauk, NY and its many attractions, and to promote Montauk as a tourist destination throughout the world..

Tourist 2 Townie

Gareth Leonard is behind this blog who travels like a local and go from Tourist to Townie, one mission at a time, to truly understand foreign communities through the people and culture that define them.

Kulture Kween

Kal is an Indonesia born Indian who grew up in the metropolis of Jakarta.

Flying the Nest

Stephen & Jess Parry-Valentine are an Australian couple with a passion for travel and adventure. Starting from 2015, they have traveled well over 60 countries and their blog shares all of their experiences.

Unlocking Kiki

A site dedicated to sharing unique sights, experiences, and insider tips to Iceland from the perspective of a foreigner living in Iceland.

A Lady in London

Julie is a London based travel blogger and speaker. Originally from San Francisco, she left her career in Finance and founded her blog back in 2007. She became full time blogger since 2010.

Traveling Chic

Jenny is the voice behind this blog. Founded back in 2007, this blog is the source of inspiration that covers everything from where to visit, what to pack, and how to travel in Style.

A Globe Well Travelled

Ashlea Wheeler, an excitable Australian who loves photography and exploring the world. She is also known for being super-organised, having a stationery addiction, and being a tad obsessed with maps.

The Passport Lifestyle

Stephanie founded this blog back in 2014. Initially it was a lifestyle blog which turned into a travel blog and has grown into a brand that's reflective of a sophisticated traveler with a love for excellence, adventure and photography.

Heart My Backpack

Silvia is a Norwegian-American travel blogger who launched her blog site back in 2014 and shares her travel experiences. She traveled through many different countries and continues to go on.

Misadventures With Andi

Andi Fisher is behind this travel and lifestyle blog who left her corporate life behind to explore the country. Back in 2015, she quit from her job, sold her house and bought an RV to escape the old life.

Local Adventurer

A travel lifestyle blog that focuses on a new city each year. Esther, Jacob, Josh and Macy are the four young individuals behind this blog who shares their travel experiences.

Treasure Tromp

A travel blog by Nicole, a California native and currently located in Seattle, Washington. Her blog is about discovering life's little treasures one adventure at a time.

Land of Marvels

Casey - a lifelong traveler who shares her travel experiences on this blog site. She also reviews all the places she visited, hotels she stayed and provides additional helpful guide for fellow travelers.

The Travel Hack

Monica is a British travel blogger who started her blog site back in 2009. She loves exploring new countries and cultures, getting involved with exciting activities and generally having fun.

Nomadic Matt

After finishing his MBA, Matthew Kepnes did quite his cubicle job and set out on an adventure around the world continues to this day. On his blog, Matt shares his travel experiences with fellow travelers and provides helpful guide for others.

Young Adventuress

Liz Carlson is behind this blog. She claims herself to be an ordinary girl on an extraordinary journey who loves to travel a lot. She tend to travel alone, so that she doesn't have to compromise.

The Luxe Travel

Founded by Will and Emily, The Luxe Travel is a unique travel blog in that they want to cater your interests and requests in designing your idea of the ultimate luxury experience.

Hand Luggage Only

This blog site begun back in 2014 by Yaya and Lloyd who shares their travel stories and photos with other like-minded travelers on the internet. An initiative to have two-way conversation about travel.