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Sparkonit delivers information on latest discoveries and hottest trailblazing researches together with short, entertaining and inspiring science videos. Its mission is to aware readers of the latest developments in different scientific disciplines.

Read More Science NOT ACTIVE

Sarah Olson is behind this blog. She reviews popular science, nonfiction, and nature writing, featuring interviews with authors and scientists, monthly book giveaways, and more.

Elephant In The Lab

This blog is about those problems in science that everyone sees but nobody talks about The journal system, the idiocy of authorship, citation cartels, career chances for young or female researchers.

Weird Things

This blog began in 2008 and grew to advocate for scientific education, skepticism, and dive deeper into headlines into big ideas and experiments aiming to turn science fiction into science fact. A place to get context & sneak peak of the future.

AweSci Science Everyday

It is a one-man science magazine where the articles published, aren't restricted to a narrow domain of science. Rather, they belong to a range of topics which cover fascinating aspects of engineering, earth science, space, medicine, computing etc.

The Last Word On Nothing

This is an wonderful blog that consists of writings by number science enthusiasts. Spreading all over the world, some of them are science writer, teacher from very well known institutions. This is more like a science focused community blog platform.