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Outdoor Gear Lab

Chris McNamara founded this site with an intent to help other to find out the best outdoor gears. This site also reviews wide range of gears for both men and women. Be it climbing gears, hiking, climbing or camping, they got you covered.

The Outdoor Adventure

This blog is all about finding the gear, know-how, and confidence to step out of the office, take the kids, and go on your own adventure. Written by individuals who love the sunrise seen from the summit of a mountain & the warmth of a camp-fire.

Gear Assistant

Andrew Nicholls loves hiking and camping around new places more than just about anything else. His mission is to provide helpful information to everyone to make a informed decision before he or she heads out for the outdoor experience.


Matt Gibson is an adventure travel writer and photographer. As much as he loves outdoors sports, he doesn't agree with the idea that adventure travel only consists of climbing mountains and crossing deserts. This is his blog and portfolio site.

Thrifty Outdoors Man

Tom Brown loves spending time outdoors with his family. This blog is a way for him to share his experiences. He has also been writing for outdoors enthusiast with money saving tools and helpful outdoors related resources.

Trail Seeker

Lauren and Ben, a canuck and kiwi couple who have a passion for living life outdoors. Their love for diving the ocean, hiking the mountains and going on weekend camping trips brought them together. This blog is a way for them share their experiences.