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Handmade Charlotte DONE

Handmade Charlotte offers a daily dose of DIY crafts, parties, recipes and inspiring interiors to help families create unforgettable moments. Rachel Faucett is the mother of five and the author of this Blog.

Design Mom DONE

Design Mom helps women across the globe stay well-informed about up-to-date topics, to manage their home life and their work life gracefully, to learn new things daily. It's a place to read captivating, eye-opening, mind-expanding discussions.

Chris Shiflett DONe

Chris Shiflett is an entrepreneur and web developer focused on building community and bettering the open web. He has been a leader in web design and development for the last two decades.

Matt D. Smith DONE

Matt is a designer and owner of a small independent design studio. On his blog he regularly writes on things related to design along with some personal thoughts thrown every now and then.

Sara Soueidan DONE

Sara Soueidan is an independent front-end developer, trainer, author, and speaker, from Lebanon. She loves the Web platform and want to make it better for everyone.

Kyle Steed DONE

Kyle Steed is a designer and an artist. His works are mostly focused on Murals, Fine Arts or on Social Media. Apart from blogging, on his site he also show cases some of his works. Also he's an amazing photographer.