RSS Feed is Available Now

Within the blogosphere, RSS Feed remained an important factor. Today, we are extremely excited to inform that our Blog's RSS Feed is live for your consumption.

RSS Feed LogoRSS Feed Logo

Please feel free to subscribe our RSS Feed with your desired reader. We tested out our feeds with number of readers and it's working exactly as it was expected. However, we would love to know your thoughts on this regard.

We already mentioned on our previous post that our Editors already begun listing some of the sites on our directory. As we continue to list more and more sites on our directory, we are trying out number of additional features that we think will help sites to show more of their information here on this site.

Apart from listing sites, we are also including four major social media sites link for any specific domain name. This includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube channels. Yes, we are only adding "channels", not account. Additionally we are also adding direct RSS Feed link whenever it's available. This will allow our visitors to directly visit the RSS Feed URL and add them on their Feed Reader as it is easily discoverable from our site.

However, sadly we are abandoning the idea of displaying site's feed data on our site for the time being. During our test phase, we noticed that many site's feed is not properly formatted. Invalid RSS Feed causes number of issues for our site which eventually led us to move ahead without this feature. As we move forward we will see how things unfolds. We may include this feature in the future but not anytime soon. Until then, we just have to remain happy with a direct RSS Feed link.

We urge everyone to check and test their RSS Feed formatting. One easy way to do that, is to visit W3C Feed Validation Service page and test it with your RSS Feed link. Hope that helps.

Thank you and have a nice weekend ahead everyone.

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