Introducing Gravatar at Blogsroll

Here we are once again to update you regarding some of the technical issues we worked on over the past week. Before we dive in, here is something that we think you need to understand.

It is no secret that we love all the major Blogging CMSs out there and we also understand that not all of you are using WordPress as your Content Management System. However, a big chunk of the web actually runs on this CMS and we can't simply ignore it. Interestingly, even our very own CMS that runs this platform is highly inspired by WordPress as far as the UI is concern.

Gravatar LogoGravatar Logo

Now, we know that many of you are familiar with Gravatar and we realized that some of you are actively using them. As we continue to list some of your sites and related metadata on our database, it became pretty clear to us. Some of you are using your site's logo and some of you are using personal photo. Regardless of your preference, we believe it's a great way to promote your brand identity and to showcase the authenticity of your site on a third party platform like ours or others.

So, we decided to integrate Gravatar service with our system core and implement it site wide. Though Gravatar allows third party systems like ours to display many personally identifying information, we decided to go easy on this. It is crucially important to note that we do not pull any other related data from Gravatar apart from your profile picture.

We take your privacy seriously and we also believe that no one should be revealing people's personal data on a public platform, even though your already provided consent to that while creating a Gravatar account to begin with.

For those who are not familiar with Gravatar, it is a free service that allows users to create a profile with your email address which can later be used on any supported platform to display your unique avatar and other related personally identifying information.

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