General Updates on Our Work

It's been quite sometime since we last posted with few updates this blog and we think it's about time to get back to you and let you know what exactly we are up-to. We will try to make it as short as possible, it's a promise.

Database: By the end of April of this year, we realized that many blog or sites that we are listing does not have some of the social media links as we expected to have. As the listing process continued, it left lots of empty table columns on our database. We thought of this situation is not an ideal one and we had to come up with a better solution. As an attempt to resolve this issue, we stopped the listing process and re-designed our database. We had to back up all of our records before introducing the newly designed database table and re-store the data from our backup to the new table.

Instead of having separate columns to store of each social media links, we serialized them and stored on a single column. Please understand that we are not storing the full URL of any social media links. Here is an example for better understanding.

If you have an YouTube channel and it's full URL is something like:

We would only be storing the channel handler (bold section) instead of the full URL as non bold section would remain the same for all the channels regardless. Pretty much the same logic applies to all other social media links. This way, we can only store the handler for all social media links and store them as a serialized data. This will cut down lots of space and empty columns on our database.

This new method worked great and we all agreed to stick to our latest design. We were able to achieve minor improvements but we firmly believe that this improvement will pay us in big away as our database grows. We re-stored all of our records and currently we are listing sites once again.

Site Submission: As we mentioned earlier on our previous post, we now have the site submission page open for everyone. Anyone can submit their blog site for our consideration. We will review the submission and will let you know the status soon after.

This is pretty much all we have got for the time being. We will continue to update our database with new listing as we move on and will let you know the updates. Stay tuned.

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