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Currently, we are offering very few ad slots on this site as running this site for FREE is quite expensive for us. We are working tirelessly behind the scene to make it even better on a daily basis.

Ad Spaces

Slot 1: 125×125 pixels ad on all catalog pages – $100(USD)/Monthly*.
Slot 2: 300×250 pixels ad on all catalog pages – $300(USD)/Monthly*.
Slot 3: 728×90 pixel banner ad on all pages (Top Banner) – $500(USD)/Monthly*.

* Terms & Conditions applies, 10% discount applies for yearly contracts.

Terms & Conditions

1. We do not promote any items, product or services that violates any Federal or State laws of the United States.
2. Payment must be paid in advance.
3. Currently we are accepting PayPal payment only.
4. We can not issue any refund on digital product & services.
5. We will promote your product or services, once transaction is confirmed by PayPal.
6. You will receive notification email before we activate your campaign.
7. Your advertisement (image) must be on JPEG or GIF format only.
8. Have your advertisement(image) handy, before you make any payment.
9. Your advertisement (image) must be hosted on our server.
10. You may not be able to change the URL or the graphics (image) of your ad prior finishing your current cycle.
11. We have the right to change any terms & conditions mentioned on this page without any prior notification. So, visit this page often to keep yourself updated.

Please read the terms & conditions carefully. You are more than welcome to e-mail me with your question or queries from the contact page. We are looking forward to hear form you and promote your product or services.